Blog #6 – Rosa King

Deze blog had ik al in 2015 op YouTube gezet met de bijbehorende video erbij. Had het in het Engels geschreven zodat iedereen, van Amsterdam tot Jakarta, het kon lezen. Dit gaat over een grote teleurstelling die ik toenertijd even moest verwerken. Samen op een CD vermeldt staan tussen namen als Hans en Candy Dulfer en Jan Akkerman was mooi geweest. Ach ja, helaas mocht het niet zo zijn. Maar…ik ben er nog steeds trots op dat ik op twee tracks mocht meespelen op de jubileum CD van de legendarische Rosa King.

It was during one of the great jam sessions in Cafe de Korte Golf in Amsterdam that I got invited to play bass on the Rosa King “25 years Still Going Strong” album. It was summer 1996. However, when they released the album that same year they didn’t mention my name on the CD for whatever reason?! Back then I was very dissapointed not seeing my name on the guest musician’s list. It wasn’t Rosa’s fault anyway. She assured me that my name would be there on the second edition as it should be. I don’t know if that ever happened but it’s okay now…no hard feelings anymore. I guess the bassist of the Upside Down Band still don’t know who played on the other two tracks on the album he didn’t play on. They kept it secret for him. Well it was me! I only met Rosa King once in person in the studio in Hilversum where we did the recording session. When I entered the studio she was lying down on the sofa resting. When I finished the recordings she got up and looked at me. And with a soft friendly voice she asked me “why don’t I know you?”. I don’t remember what I answered but I do remember a very friendly soft spoken lady who was interested in who I was. I am still proud that I am a part of this album from a legendary artist. The track called “Come in, sit down” (track 5) is absolutely my favourite Rosa King song. It’s a beautiful song. The other track which I recorded was an uptempo songs and is called “It’s over” (track 8).

Nobody knows my name but I know I was there and so did Rosa (R.I.P.)

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